Hotel Safes

Currently, Goodwill is the leading supplier hotel safes in Vietnam.

Goodwill’s products are high aesthetic with modern design and luxurious colors like ivory and black, suitable with all room space. Moreover, electronic locks have high secure feature and easy to use. This kind of safes is designed specially to give the most convenience to both guests and hotel managers.

  • Concealed emergency manual key lock.
  • Open & close by keypad or using credit cards.
  • Complimentary mounting bolts & floor carpet.
  • Finish with fine powder coating.
  • Suitable for Hotel, Office and Family use.

GA Series

GAK Series

Model External(mm) / HxWxD Door/Body(mm) Weight(Kg) Color Open / Close
200 x 320 x 200 4/2 7 Ivory,
digital code,
230 x 425 x 335 4/2 11
250 x 350 x 250 4/2 9
300 x 380 x 300 4/2 12

Guests choose their own personal four-digit code to lock/unlock the safe.

A Computerised Emergency Unit (CEU) / handheld unit lets you print the last 100 entries, showing who used the safe and the date & time.

This additional safety measure guards against unauthorized use. If three attempts are made to get into the safe with an improper code, the system will automatically shut down for 15 minutes.

Allows access to the safe if the guest forgets the pass code or if a battery failure occurs, so no valuables are ever trapped inside the safe.

The CEU offers a manager code and 20 user codes, allowing the property to unlock the safe and override any code set by a guest.

Instantly obtain battery conditions by touching the # key on the digital keypad.

Batteries are housed in a special slide panel inside the door for easy access. There is no need to remove the entire door cover to get to the batteries.

An easy-to-use handheld unit serves as a programmer and password-protected CEU for all safes. It can be used to obtain an access audit trail and as an emergency unit to unlock the safe, if necessary.

HA Series

HM Series

Model External(mm) / HxWxD Door/Body(mm) Weight(Kg) Color Open / Close
GW-23HA/HM 201 x 321 x 201 6/2 16 Ivory Guest Code,
Guest Card,
Master Code,
Master Card,
Emergency Key
GW-25HA/HM 255x355x255 6/2 18 Ivory
GW-30HA/HM 305x405x335 6/2 20 Ivory
GW-50HA/HM 560x370x445 6x2 33 Ivory


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